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26 Mar

Nouveau à Rosemère! Cours de kickboxing pour tous!

Dès la reprise des activités de l'academie de Rosemère, nous vous invitons à venir essayer GRATUITEMENT notre nouveau cours de kickboxing! Rien de mieux que de revenir en force après être rester à la maison plusieurs semaines! À bientôt! read more

25 Aug

ALLIANCE Lepri BJJ Montréal

Centro de Arts Marciais Brasilien Head Instructor: Peninha Melo 5842 Boul St Laurent, Montreal Quebec, H2T1T3 read more

Fabio Gurgel talks about Alliance, building World champions and more

Inside Alliance Jiu-Jitsu with Fabio Gurgel

Welcome to the first Brazilian cultural center

Welcome to the first Brazilian cultural and martial arts center of Quebec.

Welcome to the first Brazilian cultural center of Quebec. Space in Montreal to soak up Brazil

The Brazilian Cultural and Martial Arts Center of Montreal is the best place to get acquainted with Afro-Brazilian culture. The center promotes intercultural exchanges and encounters enriching, and allows everyone to enjoy a taste of Brazil’s wealth through sports and cultural activities of all kinds. Mestre Peninha offers Capoeira lessons for all (children, teenagers, adults) from Monday to Saturday. Browse this site and come back to visit often to keep up to date with all the activities organized there. Follow us on our Facebook page Mestre Peninha also offers Brazilian jiu-jitsu and self-defense classes for women (click here to see the brochure)

Mestre Peninha


Born in the Brazilian Amazon, Peninha Melo has earned his fame in the Brazilian martial arts practice and is known as an accomplished musician with over 28 years of experience in Brazil and throughout North America. Peninha grew up in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, where he started Jiu-Jitsu in 1991 in addition to his training in martial arts (Capoeira), which he had been practicing since 1984 … READ FULL BIO

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Small champions kids

The kids class, which begins from ages 3 and up, is made in a fun and dynamic way where we focus heavily on the development of the student. Here they will learn not only their limits but how to begin to understand the significance of confrontation, how to lose and how to win. The goal is to bring out the best in everyone and give them the necessary self-esteem and confidence to grow like safe and disciplined kids. Another thing that has become more apparent in schools and social situations is what we all call “Bullying”. Children can be exposed to psycological as well as physical abuse. Jiu jitsu teaches the student how to avoid such violence as the confidence obtained through self-defense techniques gives the student a posture that naturally removes this type of harassment. Bring your children in for a class!